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Tuesday, July 8, 2008


In my karate days, there was a strong emphasis on "kiai" - also known as the karate yell that's coordinated with the execution of attack and exhale of air. The emphasis is on executing the kiai from the stomach/centre of the body rather than from the vocal cords. The idea here is that it enhances focus and power delivery into the technique.

In kung fu (eg. choy lee fut, hung gar, etc), the emphasis/purpose of kiai is there, yet there is less action of the vocal cords and is accompanied with, instead, a breathing/exhaling sound and is also coordinated with the delivery of techniques.

Now, in my WT experience, there is not this type of breathing. Instead, it emphasizes regular and natural breathing that's not particularly coordinated with the attack/defense/technique. Why is this? The idea being that emphasizing regular breathing, especially during times of stress, will help the body relax - which is exactly what is required to deliver powerful attacks.

Does this actually happen? I find myself mixing it up when stress levels go high. Regular, but deep breathing before physical contact w/ the opponent and then right at the impact/contact, I can feel myself performing a subtle kiai - more like that of chinese gong fu. What about you?

Until then.

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