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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What makes WC so great?

I find it interesting that many describe the reasons of wing chun, wing tsun, etc as great because it's "scientific" or it's based on geometry, angles or "multi-vector forces". So say the economy of motion is the key or sensitivity training.

To me, wing tsun is not a better martial art for any of these reasons. All martial arts have some degree of economy of motion, geometry, multi-vector forces, uses the opponents strength, etc. Sure there are some that deviate but in doing so they gain other benefits at the expense of "economy of motion" or whatever point you want to insert there. All martial arts are limited by the physics of this earth, by the physiology of our attacker and ourselves - we are bound to geometry, angles and whatnot.

Wing chun is not good because it has simultaneous attack and defense. It is not good because it has bong sao or has a high stance, etc etc. All these benefits are found in any successful fighter in any other art because again, they are bound by the same rules as we are. Those that know how to apply their art will adjust it so that, although the training may be different, in application, the stance may be high, the movements are more "economical" and the kicks are lower...it just comes with experience. That goes true with karate, kick boxing, kung fu, etc. It's just that there are few that can apply it well, as a result, this commonality is lost.

WC is just as good as silat, which is just as good as bjj which is just as good capoeira. They all end at the same point, but very few people ever get there. The majority of us confuse the training regimen as true application, and judge the art as so. We think, oh karate doesn't have simulataneous attack/defense or there's no economy of motion in choy lay fat kung fu...what is this based on? the forms we see people practice? or better yet, the teacher that has no understanding of how it's supposed to be used (but may have a lot of knowledge of the forms)?

Until then.

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