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Monday, May 12, 2008

Most Technical Street Fight Ever

It seems that IN every forum or every youtube video..there's always that ONE guy who, about 3 comments in has to add the "try this against some MMA guy" blah blah blah. And then this is followed up by the wing chun guy that says "yea but there are rules" blah blah blah...which is usually followed up with "come over and i'll show you" etc etc etc.

Anyway, check this video out. There are two fights..one on the grassy area, and one on cement.

I think this should be an eye opener for MMA with regards to the DANGERS of MMA fighting (note that i didn't say 'effectiveness'.) In the first fight on the grass, buddy is taken down and hits his back on the a cement edge. OUCH. Second fight, the guy is on the guard position and has his head slammed into the cement and immediately lets go.


I wonder what MMA would look like if they fought on cement regularly. and added the occasional bumps and edges to the terrain. I'm not going to say grappling doesn't work or that they have no technique or skill or whatnot..all i'm asking is that they consider what/how their fighting methods would train if they kept this in mind....

Also..i don't know if these guys are really skilled. But let's take the first few seconds of the first fight as an example. You take away the muscles and the idea that these guys are in a MMA reality show and just imagine this in a playground. how is this fight any different from two "amateurs" going at it? they just grab each other! Not to say that WT/WC guys aren't guilty of it...but i'm just saying they shouldn't be so fast to talk..

Until then.

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