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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Obasi Saga Continues - Obasi Talks!

Thanks to a fellow reader, I was forwarded this clip of Obasi sharing his thoughts on the recent events of crossing hands with Boztepe, Ng and Williams. If you haven`t yet, you can catch the whole story behind the Obasi saga and the corresponding video clips here.

So here Obasi speaks about what happened with Williams, Ng, and Boztepe and he makes a great point - that each situation was very specific within their own context and cannot be compared to each other.

Granted that`s the case, he does provide his own opinion on who he felt had some considerable skill or at least made an impression on him.

That said...does it matter what this guy says? It's not like he's a benchmark of wing chun..or is he?

Regardless of what he says, can we treat (from an observational level) this a rough estimate of the skill levels of the various teacher's Obasi has crossed hands with?

Obviously the best way to get a better read on his skills is to cross hands with him personally. Obasi, you game? ;)

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