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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Don't Be Given Out 'Em Secrets! ;)

Well, I was forwarded this clip a few days ago. It's a wing chun guy versus a karate guy and while it's not particularly anything new within wing chun circles, I still found the whole confrontation entertaining.

It's amazing how there are misconceptions about wing chun..in particular that we are a close combat fighting system. While it may seem like that on the surface, it's really no closer than say punching or elbowing or kicking..a person's gotta hit and that's all that matters.

Sure we don't reach (or don't want to), but it's not like we have to operate in that "trapping range" (bleah, i hate that term).

I have to admit though, I love it when others have these misconceptions. People have asked me many times to demonstrate the practicality of wing chun thinknig that we have to trap or chi-sao or what have you, and that look in their eyes when i clock them square on the nose right off the bat is priceless. That is wing tsun - sorry to disappoint you ;)

I don't care if these other guys think their art is smarter or more effective, I let them think whatever they want and that assumption is an easy weakness we can take advantage of.

So while I'm happy to see the wing chun guy enlighten the karate guy, i'm also saddened that he did too.

So anyone else share my feelings?

Until then

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Pablo said...

I don't fully agree with you on this.
First off, I don't think there should be any "secrets". I think an open way of expressing and promoting your martial art in a friendly atmosphere is the way to go, I don't think one style should try to teach the other "a lesson". Competition is good, but people shouldn't feel they have to "put down" other style, which unfortunately happens a lot.

So for me it's definitely not saddening that the instructor was able to use his WC to prove a point. An open form of expression between different styles is something to be encouraged, which is why I'm going to try and get together with different martial artists to spar now and then.

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