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Sunday, July 15, 2012

There Ain`t No Weight Classes in the Street, Yo

..so as the title says..

What would you do?? Go straight in and chain punch the hell out of the guy? Running side kick a la Bruce Lee?

check the clip here and let me know what you would do!

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Gary said...

small fighter was pretty tense, so got tired easy, he could have relaxed and kept moving and prob the other guy would have had a heart attack,, just make sure he didnt fall on you..

another dumb example of big means you are a 'fighter' ... pretty sad on a few levels,, entertainment being one.

would have been interesting at least to see a pure grappler type deal with big guy.. wonder how easy it would be to control an arm that didnt seem to reach much past his torso. be easy to deal with once you got it away from body, no doubt, but that would be the trick. His poor mobility would seem to lead to favour a choke as well..

as silly as it seems, punching the body would mean you could hit in about 6 inches and still be out of range of his fists, IF you had power to stop him moving in... another argument for big power.
afraid this blog post was kinda lame ,imo, Brian,, most of yours are great.

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