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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Things i Find Annoying About Wing Chun!!!!

Here it is folks, probably one of the more controversial posts on wing chun....IN THE WORLD.

Okay, maybe not.

Before I get into it, let me make it clear that I've been practicing wing tsun since 1998 (I think) and have been taking a slow and steady approach. I'm not what you would define as a hardcore wing chun enthusiast - I don't have the latest videos, books, weapons, and posters. I practice wing tsun because I find it fun, stimulating and a great form of exercise..and of course, for it's self defense aspect of it but overall, I would say this is a great hobby of mine and one I'm proud of.

Now to my topic: this is not a post about the politics of wing chun or the youtube comments and forum wars. It's just seeing the collective style of wing chun (not a particular school, lineage, style, etc) from an outsider's perspective with a touch of my own experience.

Things i find annoying about wing chun:

  • The legend or origins of wing chun. The story goes..the style of wing chun was created by a woman who was a nun from the Shaolin monastery who created an efficient fighting style, blah blah blah. I think the story is so stupid and there's no evidence for it (say the scholars).  It's just so silly in so many ways. It amazes me that so many actually believe it.
  • We are head hunting chain punchers. This is all we have in our arsenal apparently. And then those that say we have more, end up throwing head hunting chain punches in a free fight scenario.. in all the online clips.
  • We talk way too much. Some instructors talk way too much during seminars, classes, about the geometry, angles, how it's like chess, how practical it is, etc. Yes, i know it's great but i can't do it yet, please let the students train it. 
  • We demonstrate way too much. While demonstrations are good, some times the teachers get an ego trip doing it and the lesson is lost..instead the students just keep watching the teacher do demos for the entire class.
  • We write too much.The wing chun academics can write pages and pages of why 100/0 stance weighting is better than 0/100 stance weighting.  How about training? 
  • It takes a really long time to learn. Sure you can apply chain punches quite quickly. But to really learn it will take a long time to practice and develop. If you're not training at least 5 times a week with fighting intensity, it's just a hobby and you can't kick true ass.
  • All we have are demonstrations. I find this so annoying. Show me someone who can really kick ass with wing chun and post the fight on youtube please. I know you exist, but please do it soon. I'm sick of all the demos against cooperative partners. 
  • We aren't good looking. Have you ever seen a kyokushin demo? How about capoeira? the students all look to be in amazing shape. Wing chun, however, is a class of either scrawny or overweight people.  And, where are the women?
There you go. Of course I'm totally generalizing in a tongue and cheek manner but you and I both know there's truth to all of this.

So what do YOU find annoying about wing chun?

Until then


Pablo said...

You already sum it up pretty well.
Another point for me is the lack of sparring in class. We do spar occasionally, but I think it should be done a lot more. Someone practicising wingtsun without this might get too much of the impression that his training will be easily used in a real confrontation. Sparring confronts you with something approaching the adrenaline dump of a real confrontation and shows you how much your fancy techniques can fall apart in an actual fighting situation. It's only through repeated exposure to this that you can start to really put your techniques to the test. I think doing more of this would be key to better wing tsun. Pressure testing is so important. There should be at least 10 minutes of sparring during every class imo.

Gary said...

more or less agree with most of what you said... the thing about not calling yourself a fighter unless you meet some supposed intensity/duration/timeline etc though isnt correct imo. Public recognition or calling someone an expert or technician type may fit that description, not quite sure what you mean by it as it could be taken a few different ways. Some fighters 'are' 'born', some have an inclination and it dont matter day one about training, and some people develop to whatever level of potential with either training and/or experience. So called amatuers can and do beat up so called pros. Being a fighter isnt about taking a particular art, or learning specific moves only. There is will power, mental toughness, instinct, attitude, pride, plus a ton of probably unmeasureable, and maybe untrainable determinants. Being able to compete at world class levels prob boils down to god given talent, good genetics, etc mixed with opportunity, coaches skill, training and more. Too many variables other than the only one of how much and hard you train.

Trevor said...

Hey there,
I found your blog post interesting and considered some things I get taught at my school. I would like to clear things up and provide some opinions
About the legend: My SiFu said that the woman most likely was a conspirer against the chinese empire of the time and it would have been demeed unattractive to new students. It is also said that a women most likely used it in the "underground" society to gain respect (those days fighting was the only way). However we both call bs on it and say that it was created long before by the combination of knowledge of fighting.
I cant speak for online fighting however dont pay attention to it, seriously, if you expect people to fight,and record the fight,and be so proud of it to upload it to youtube youre gonna be disappointed. I was in a fight twice in the last 4 months (Started WT in January currently at grade 3 going to 4) and boy im not proud of any, in the first i had made too many mistake and in the second i was to nervous,in the first i was actually in a real streetfight and nobody around thought they should interfere,let alone film it.
Your SiFu may talk and write too much,youre just out of luck,however my sifu focuses on showing us 3-5 how to do it right and lets us practice for most of the class. At the end of each class we always have intense bodyweight training or with kettlebells,if yours doesnt,suggest it or do some yourself. Also my club has quite a few girls and i must be honest on saying that I maybe found 2 guys that were out of shape from the club or the wide collection of SiFu's photos. I would also like to note that WingTsun is made for everybody,it doesnt require strength nor agility,so why are you so stressed out by it? And about how long it takes,i made 3 grades in 3 months and 2 escrima grades at the lesson time,its about determination. And if you believe pure WT can be used in a street fight then you are a fool,sure not a lot of SiFus may tell you this but traditional WC has errors which you will need to find and master,its HARD WORK for something right?
Sorry if I was a lil aggresive on the post but i get easily emotional,and if you gonna complain,complain to your SiFu and watch the lessons become better,its all about feedback. Which grade are you at ? Have fun and train hard

Trevor said...

Heres some more info on the origin

Gary said...

RDP, i will take the liberty of replying a bit about Brian( blogger in question), as he is quite humble, and may well not respond. First off, his blog is intentionally a bit 'shock jock' talk. ie to get reactions. And people to think about their training.
Training wise, his WT time is about 12-15 years i believe, and he works consistently and hard at it. He has the 'fighter' mentality, meaning he has the ability to turn on for real. I believe he is a second technician level going for 3rd. Though gradings are not so important at the school he trains with.

"Pure' WT is semantics, meaning many different things to different people due to background, interpretation etc. I am sure people like Kernspect, Boztepe, Avchi, etc can use it sucessfully in a street fight. As could Brian.

I dont think he is complaining per se, rather using his slightly sarcastic sense of humour to get us involved emotionally.

Personally I have been around the block a long time martial arts wise, and am proud and happy to recieve Brians down to earth knowledge. I am pretty sure you would to, if you dealt with him in person.

Cheers to you, and enjoy your training. We are all enraptured with our art, and get emotional about it. Sometimes too much, haha.

Trevor said...

Wups I totally went waay to far, thats what late hours do to you hahaha, I apologize for being such a brute and i feel a little ashamed of how I completely missed the point of the post,as i re read it on a humours pov i got it. Ill follow this blog, its great :)

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