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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Technique First, Power Later

It's been said time and time again, technique first, power comes later. I'm constantly reminded in class that training timing, positioning, angles, and proper structure/stance is key before we can think about delivering power into our hits.

When you train with a lot of strength and "power" in the hits, the training not only becomes ridiculously sloppy, but the lessons taught in the drill are gone, egos flair up, chance of injury increases and, ultimately, proper power delivery won't happen.

Well, I was reminded again this morning about this as the boxing trainer happen to see me working on the punch bag.

He told me not to even worry about punching hard. Just work on technique. i was dropping my hands too much. He showed me the pace and power of which I should train. The take home lesson, just work at a steady pace, work on repetition and proper weight transfer and technique. The bag shouldn't move that much.

Point taken...again.

Until then.

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