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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Go All Out or Do You?

It has been said many times, that if you're going to fight, you have to go ALL OUT. You have commit to each punch, to each strike, to knock your opponent down.

You can't enter a fight half-heartedly, otherwise, you might as well use that burst of adrenaline and run the hell out of there.

In the movies, the kung fu teacher or main character would demonstrate a level of skill where he or she can fight with half their attention or commitment so as to not hurt who they are fighting.

In some action movies, the main character would even try to do his best to spare his enemy's life, until that one point where he must kill them.

In reality, we don't have the luxury of going half-way. You have to fight with 100%.

But what does a 100% mean?

Does that mean you hit with all you've got?

Do you hit before the attacker really makes a move?

Does that mean you hit the groin and throat as hard as you can?

Do you punch the guy as hard as you can in the neck?

Is it all of these?

What is that 100%? what is enough? ..and in the case of pleading self-defense, is going all out considered, legally, too much?

Fight dirty and fight hard...but the consequences of that could be quite severe...either you going through the legal system..or you putting yourself in harms way. so what do you do? how much is 100%?

Until then.


Pablo said...

For me, at my current limited skill level, I think it might be translated in a choice of targets, if I have that option. If I were to find myself in something of a brawl at a dancing or something and no option to get away, I'd probably punch to the face, nose, temples. I would try a bit not to use techniques which are almost certainly lifethreatening.
But if I found myself in a situation where someone was trying to mug me, hurt my loved ones, and/or had a lethal weapon (like a knife), I think that if possible I'd hit his adam's apple, eyes, as hard as possible. I think injuring the adam's apple doesn't only have possible stopping power, but has a real potential of being so weak that a good blow there could cause lifethreatening damage. Hence, I would only try to use this in a case where I think my life is really, really on the line and the other person is a big threat. If someone just looked like they wanted to prove something and probably didn't want to take things to that gravity, I'd try to avoid it.
The key word here, ofcourse, is "try". A real confrontation is always messier and less predictable, whether on the part of your attacker's intentions or your own precision in striking certain targets. I'm not sure I'd be able to make that kind of "choice" in targets in real life, but I think it might be a reasonable guideline for myself. I wouldn't want to collapse someone's adam's apple just because he was drunk and picked a fight in a bar.

Gary said...

if u liken it to the military, then you have options as to involvement.. are you simply occupying territory,, rattling sabres, demolihing, limited engagement etc.. main thing is intelligence as in info in situation, to keep control.. training is the same and the part that is more important in my mind.. here the key word is intensity.. at least for peaking.. for trainig certain areas, we need less of the full out physical, and more of the slow , mental concentration.. for developing all areas? one needs different levels of intensity,, most schools never get to the fully intense levels, without injury or sacrificing other components.. how you train and with which person, is very much the considerations needed here. so the overall answer is: it depends on what you are trying to accomplish

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