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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Western Boxing - Add That To My Resume!

Over time my training has evolved, and the lessons and message from my Si-Fu has evolved as well. For me, it went from traditional or typical wing tsun training (eg. chain punches, weight on back leg, chi-sao, head up, etc) to a change in frame, where wing tsun is chinese boxing - it's something that is alive and heavy handed and the entire body works together...while this is differentiated from "typical wing chun" training where you see people just chain punch (ahem, rabbit punch) their way through everything. While it may be effective for some it also may not work for many - as you can see on Youtube all the chunners getting knocked out by right cross or left hooks...

Wing tsun is kung fu and kung fu is chinese boxing. The idea here is that it's boxing. Bring the boxing back into kung fu! back into Wing Tsun! This message has definitely been hammered in (at least to me) over the last few years. Once you have a functional tan sao or bong sao, etc, you throw all positions away and focus on the "boxing" aspect of the fight.

Sounds obvious as you read this, right? But you never see this anywhere. Every 'chunner" just rabbit punches their way through things as that's all they know...let alone pretty lame punches to boot. If you're going to chain punch, make sure they have boom!

Anyway, the point of all this - I've joined a wester boxing gym. The purpose of me doing this is all fitness, but hey, why not make this an opportunity to figure out how to make my wing tsun better by learning boxing. And, maybe it'll help me put the boxing back into Chinese Boxing!

No one knows I've had any martial arts experience or am studying wing tsun. I want them to treat me completely new. I'm there with an open mind and ready to absorb all they can throw at me. It's going to be quite exciting.

This isn't some cardio boxing class - this is a boxing gym. I expect blood, sweat and tears and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you!

Until then.

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