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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hong Kong Airlines Flight Attendants Learn Wing Chun!

Over the last few months, there has been much attention to Hong Kong Airlines having their flight attendants learn wing chun. Here's a clip of the attendants learning the first wing chun form.

On the surface, this is great publicity for wing chun and very cool to have the attendants learn such an amazing self-defense system. It's simple, designed for close quarter combat, and was created by a woman (so we're led to believe).

But when i think about it - this is a big mistake for the attendants. At least, in my opinion, these girls and the air line is asking for trouble. Wing chun kung fu is not an easy martial art to apply. i don't care what the teachers say, it just isn't. Do you think these girls can chain punch a few assailants on the plane to knock them out? or subdue them? maybe.

But what about if they have a weapon of some sort?

Multiple attackers.

Or even if they do get away okay, they will be hurt as well.

Wing chun kuen, in addition, takes years to learn...even to be good at simply step and punch.

I think this is just publicity for the art and nothing more. these girls are going to hit the guy with an elbow, only to realize it did nothing.

And after the lawsuits and injury claims come, then does the barrage of how "wing chun sucks."

Lose lose.

Until then.

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