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Sunday, March 13, 2011

What Do You Think Of THIS Guy?

Here's a link a fellow WT colleague sent me - what are you thoughts on him? he may have skill and what not..but right off the bat, doesn't he come across the type of guy that may know the technical/theory but really can't apply it?

Also, the whole white guy submerged in chinese clothing, atmosphere kind of offends me. Should it? Maybe not. But it does. To me, it's an easy way for him to gain credibility by latching on chinese culture..rather than actually showing good skill. It's as if I were to take up golfing tomorrow, and buy all the Nike golf shirts, pants, shoes and hats that Tiger Woods endoreses and buy the most expensive golf club out there - showing up on the green with my ridiculously new outfit. You know..like how high school kids dress in all new stuff on their first day of school.

Look at the Chinese wing chun teachers..majority of them teach in a t-shirt and jeans.

I understand that uniforms have a role, but it's a bit much.

And then you have his "David Carradine" tone..c'mon! He's totally playing on this white-wanna-be-chinese-wisdom guy..all to make money or something.

He's like the Temple Kung Fu of wing chun - remember Temple kung fu? what a scam.

Very annoying.

He may have skill for all I know. But then you'll see in the first video of him on the wooden dummy..and i can't say it's impressive at all. It's the equivalent of him using chopsticks for the very first time.

Your thoughts?

Until then.


Anonymous said...

ANNOYING! He makes valid points in the one vid I watched (#4, lifes too short to watch more!) about quite reasonable looking 'techniques' not being the best/simplest solution... but still ANNOYING


Anonymous said...

...further (!) what the hell is 'unstoppable' technique??? They're only unstoppable if your doing robotic 'moves' rather than drilling sensitivity, ie reacting to what's felt, and drilling for rootedness, ie (first) controlling your own balance and then being able to disrupt your partners balance if they try pulling foolish 'techniques'... hmm.



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