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Monday, October 11, 2010

Kung Fu Fitness

I was browsing through the latest wing tsun blogs and came across Kyklosphaira's post about "Kung Fu Fitness".

In case some of you are not aware, the author is also a student in wing tsun kung fu and soon to be medical doctor. So his observations aren't unfounded..

Interestingly, he brings up the concept of physical fitness and wing tsun kung fu...which, in wing chun circles, is an area of controversy.

Some say that such training is unrealistic, slows one down, makes you less flexible, etc.

While the other camp argues that such training is good for stamina, overall health, more powerful punching.

Here was a video i posted using resistance bands and wing chun training. you can already see in the comments section, of the two types of thinking in play.

I believe that the wing chun principles of staying relaxed, using the opponents energy against him/her, etc is all true. But why not be fit while doing it?

Until then.


TSGill said...

Interesting, I know that Slough based Wing Tsun Kung Fu school, IMAS are running Kung Fu fitness classes.

Waz said...

I'm of the opinion that Wing Chun teaches us to maximise what we naturally possess. I see no advantage or disadvantage as far as Wing Chun is concerned, but it must be better to have good base fitness in order to grow old and truly benefit from a life of training... 'Kung-Fu is what we gain through traning, not the training itself.'

Pax etc.

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