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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Week 12: 1000 Chain Punch Challenge

Hello gang! Week 12 is going to be an interesting drill...don't worry, not as fatiguing.

Now, take the position advancing stance position (left leg forward, right leg back) and be ready as if to throw your first chain punch.

Let's say you're going to throw a punch with your right hand.

Now I want you to imagine how the energy is generated from the ground and continues all the way up along your body and then to your fist, tensing each muscle group and then relaxing, as you imagine the force traveling through your body.

For example, so imagine the force generated in your feet(tense then relax), then ankles (tense/relax), then calves, then knees, then thighs, pelvis, butt muscles, lower abs, middle abs, lower back, upper back, lats, chest, shoulders, low elbow, triceps, forearms, fist, neck and spine.

Remember to tense, then relax the muscles - in essence you want to be aware of the muscles being used. This is not a muscle building exercise where your tense like crazy.

Then repeat it again for the other side.

Do this for a total of 10 times per side.

Until then.

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