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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Head Hunters

WCK fighters are pressure fighters. Our strategy is fairly simple - full on offensive attack with a flurry of punches, surprising the attacker and either knocking the guy out or over whelming him to the point where you can then leave the situation.

To do this, the student learns the wing chun signature punch - the chain punch. The training emphasizes power generated from the elbow, chest and stance. it also stresses the importance of attacking the same target over and over again. Great for training, but that is what it's for - training.

This type of attack leads to the concept of head hunting - always attacking for the head of the opponent. It's very apparent when you watch two wing tsun fightings go at each other or even when a wing chun fighter goes against a non-wing chun fighter.

The wing tsun fighter aims for the head. But what about every where else? what about the ribs? the stomach? the kidneys? these are all legitimate targets and it seems that the WC/WT/VT curriculum can easily sway off this course, albeit, unintentional in many cases.

It's hard to deviate from the chain punching architecture to aim for ribs, face, then abs, then back to the head...it's not only physically demanding, but the rhythm is disrupted making it more of a conscious strategy.

So to that, I saw train to aim for other targets, Take the time to see what other body parts are exposed. I don't see why you can't follow WC principles (offensive, non-stop attacks) while aiming for various targets and not just chain punching.

Until then.

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