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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Deadliest Warrior

Have you seen this show, The Deadliest Warrior, on Spike TV?  This is an extremely entertaining show!

The premise here is that the show answers those "what if" questions we are all DYING to know, such as:

Who would win in a fight? 
1) Gladiator vs. Apache Indian Warrior
2) Ninja vs. Spartan
3) Viking vs. Samurai

So how do they answer this? Well they bring experts in each field and allow them to demonstrate the system's long range weapons/tactics, medium range, short range and one special weapon. They measure factors such as damage, kill factor, speed, etc. and input all of those variables into a computer program.

The computer system spits out a value that ranks it's killing effectiveness. But does the show tell you the number? It does one better - it shows you, in a choreographed fight scene, using all the different weapons, the victor.

Very entertaining I must say! 

Check it out.

Until then.

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