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Sunday, February 1, 2009


Let's stray away from wing chun for a moment and talk about self-defense...

Self-defense is protecing yourself.  Timing nor conditions are defined and many assume that self-defense is during combat, when in fact, it can be applied prior to physical combat.

That means self-defense takes all forms - body language, awareness of the environment, exerting the right energy, common sense and self-control/discipline.

1) Body language - keep the head up, shoulders relaxed but not hunched over, chest is not inflated, nor collapsed but neutral.   It sends the signal "You do your thing, I do mine. I'm not threatened by anyone, nor should you be threatened by me."  In an unfamiliar environment, we may resort to body language that protects us - we act shy, or possibly edgy.  When you act shy, those that prey take advantage. When you act edgy, those that are looking for trouble, look at you as an opportunity...

2) Awareness of the environment - This does not only apply to "dark alleys" or "a club for gangsters", but simply checking blind corners in the parkade, listening to the surroundings when in an extremely quiet environment, keeping your keys ready at hand..or perhaps your bear spray, rather than in your pocket.  People that pass by you on in the dead of night...when they walk towards you, know to maintain distance..even when no apparent threat exists. Just to be safe. 

3) Exerting the right energy - calm and assertive. You're confident but not cocky, nor threatening. You're not intrusive nor aggressive but relaxed and assertive - you stand your ground while letting others stand theres - a sense of mutual understanding is evoked without saying a word.  Whether you're at the bar, or even during an argument...you can exert this energy which does not give the aggressor reason to attack (he does not see you as a target, nor as an enemy).

4) Common sense - When you see a drunk guy trying to cause trouble, use your common sense and stay out of his way. Go have your own fun.  Wanna walk through that dark alley? That depends on the alley, doesn't it? 

5) Self-control and discipline - when one "disrespects you", you still have a choice. Walk away or confront. When one pushes your buttons - what is that line where you move into physical solutions? What is your tipping point? Is it reasonable? Is it worth getting into a confrontation to ruin your weekend, night or even career? 

Remember, self-defense is not just physical. It also requires the use of your brain.  May come in more handy than any bong sao in the world..

Until then.

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