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Sunday, December 14, 2008


When we talk about footwork in the martial art circles, many conjure up the image of Muhammad Ali or Bruce Lee in the "Way (Return) of the Dragon". With the advent of MMA, footwork also can mean sprawling to avoid being taken down to the ground.  

But what about in WT? What does it mean to have good footwork in WT? Unfortunately, the images conjured up are the 'hilarious' stepping scene in the chum kiu and the lack-thereof in the siu-nim-tau.  Even step/punch drills look pretty unorthodox and anything but intimidating.   We don't even have those cool horse/crane/mantis stances either...

So to answer, what is WT footwork? Really, it's all about being mobile in the midst and range of flying punches and kicks. If you notice, many other arts are actually stationary during the delivery of the punch and during the defense of one. All that fancy footwork pauses in the moment the assailant/defender must deal with a kick, punch, attack.  WT footwork, on the other hand, takes the opposite approach - only mobile when you're in the range of punches and kicks. 

That means moving while you can be hit. Moving while you're attacking, moving while a kick is about to hit you. Naturally, the thing to do is to stand there and absorb the blow or deflect it.  Stand there. That means, standing still for that moment. So where's the mobility?

In the flurry of hitting, the WT person should be mobile within hitting range. This also disguises the mobility as well. Kinda cool eh? 

Yep, but you guessed it - it's incredibly difficult to do.  But isn't that always the case with WT?

Until then. 

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