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Monday, February 4, 2008

WT trademarked?

Wing Tsun (WT) is different from that of wing chun (WC) and ving tsun (VT) not only in spelling but to differentiate itself from the other Yip Man lines of wing chun and to specifically refer to the Leung Ting system. As such, Leung Ting has trademarked the name and as such, some people may not be allowed to use the same spelling.

A few observations:
  • WingTsun is inconsistently trademarked, either as "TM" or "R". So the question remains, is it a registered trademark or just trade marked?
  • If it's just "TM", at the end of the day, there isn't much protection for LT.
  • If it's registered, is it registered in Canada? US? or both? Considering the lack of WingTsun schools under him in Canada, I don't see it being registered in Canada.
You know what that means? I get to use WT for my own selfish purposes.

Oh and I just checked the US Trademark Electronic Search System - "WingTsun" is not active. As for Canada, nothing has even been filed.

Until then.

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