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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Boztepe vs. Cheung

We are all familiar with this one - the Cheung and Boztepe fight. My oh my.

First of all, let me say that I'm not questioning anyone's skill in terms of their mother art (both of Yip Man wing chun origins), nor am I saying I would fair any better. But, I have to say, as a Wing Tsun student, that this fight is absolutely ridiculous. Am I the only one, with a WT background, that thinks so??

I don't know how this could help market WT, but somehow it worked. But if you watch the fight, can you truly determine where WT principles (with the exception of go forward - but isn't this a given?) are utilized?? I mean, I've seen school yard fights that had cleaner attacks, or at bare minimum, less scrambling. Given the level that these guys are at and given that countless demos of "what COULD be," I'm still scratching my head on this one. Throw me a freaking chain punch some where. With all those years of training, at least 1% of all those hours would shine. Is this what we all have to look forward too?

And with all the excuses - actions ALWAYS speak louder than words. Bottom line - it wasn't an impressive fight at all. Yes, Boztepe had the upper hand and control...but is this impressive enough considering the growth and dominance of Mixed Martial Arts? The scrambling and rabbit punches would make anyone studying karate chuckle.

I understand why the brazilian jiu-jitsu guys point and laugh. Sad but true. 99% of the fights end up on the ground. Is this adding to that stat?
Gosh...I don't know..hard to argue the math though. These two are kung fu masters and, to add, market themselves as such. Again, I'm not here to say that they aren't good at what they do or that I can fight better but if it walks like a duck...

Until then.

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