Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wing Chun Workout

For those within the wing chun circles, there are two camps - one that is for weight training and another against weight training. Let's take a look at reasons for weight training/workout and wing chun:

1) Increases muscle mass, therefore adds to punching power
2) Health benefits from working out contributes to overall body health
3) It does NOT slow one down (look at the sprinter!)
4) Trains muscular endurance (minimize fatigue during a fight)

But here are the reasons for why weight training is not for wing chun:

1) Increased muscle mass restricts freedom of movement, therefore slows you down (look at the body builder!)
2) There is always someone stronger than you and wing chun is designed to fight the stronger enemy
3) The muscles trained with weights counter muscles used for punching (eg. biceps vs. triceps)
4) Want to be better at wing chun? train more wing chun!

So what's the right answer? Is weight training a good thing or a bad thing for wing chun? Can one design a workout that finds the happy medium between these two extreme positions?

You bet.

And I've found it! I was playing with my resistance bands on the weekend and, after some consultations with my Si-Fu, I was able to find some really interesting drills that can be replicated with the MightyBands while sticking to wing tsun moves!

After 15 minutes, I was sweating like crazy! But not from some crazy pushups, but simply performing step and punch drills, positioning and stance drills and kicking drills all with the use of the resistance bands! I actually made a quick video for you guys to check out the type of wing chun resistance training drills I was able to perform. There was very little compromise of the positioning of the hands, elbows, shoulders and stance - unlike using weights or machines. I was pretty impressed with what I was able to do.

Something like this provides enough resistance to challenge muscle (promote muscle growth) specific for wing chun structure and punching power, without creating huge muscles. And while it's doing all this, you can perform the exercises in a manner that gives you a great cardio workout! Best of all worlds.

So check it out - my wing chun workout/wing chun resistance bands training drills.

Until then.


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kyklosphaira said...

Nice work Brian! I only do a simulated bull chi-sao with exercise bands, and like your added mix of various drills!

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