Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hitting the Wall With Partner Training

How do you get the most of your partner training? Some train for fun, others train seriously, others train in preparation of realistic self-defense, others purely for the social aspect of being in a club.

With that comes with a variety of intensity from various partners - some punch hard, some punch fast, some punch really weak, some have bad form, some don't give you the right stimulus for the drill, others are too protective of their ego that training with them is practically a waste of time.

So with such a variety of personalities, how do you get the most out of each person? Because wing chun is so partnered oriented in its training, my level of intensity may not match my partners and with that comes differing level of results..some good, some not so good. Some days I feel like my partner managed to take me past my comfort level and I'm totally exhausted after. Other times, the partner doesn't seem to be challenging me at all, as I feel we're moving at a snails pace.

So what should I do? What do you do?

Until then.

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Gary said...

what i learn about getting the most out of each partner keeps chainging.. Before, i just left the guys it didnt work with as there are usually others who it takes less effort and time to get what i want/need from teh drill.. But the most important thing is one i just realised thogh it prob has been mentioned to me many times.. to get the best benefit out of the other guy, its not him that is the problem, it is ourselves. looked at that way we have way more chance of getting to a solution, since trying to talk/figure thigns out in the middle of a punching drill takes too long. this other point of view where we are responsible ourselves, is something that can be worked on outside of a drill time.. as usual the problem is mental, ie ego , misunderstanding etc.. on our own side...
i feel like i am learing this like most things,, as in why didnt i start doing this many many years ago..

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