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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Wing Chun Man! Shawn Obazi

Remember this guy? He's Shawn Obazi - the wing chun man! And if you don't remember him, check out my other post here.

And guess what? He's fighting and using his wing chun..or is he?

I'm sure the comment threads are all over this - about how crappy his wing chun is or what not, but guess what? he's getting in the ring and fighting other styles - already doing more than the wing chun guys out there..

here's one of his fights:

here's a sneak peek at his wing chun skill.

You be the judge. what are your thoughts?

Until then.


Anonymous said...

MMA is no place for Wing Chun. A Wing Chun man is limited once all the rules are in place.

Remember Ip Man 2 during the final match? Ip Man was limited once his kicks weren't allowed. Same thing here.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I came across this post a bit late!

After watching the clip of Shawn freestyling the wooden dummy - IMHO, there's no doubt/dispute that he's strong, fast and powerful as a fighter. However if you watch closely, he pulls/tucks up his shoulders during a lot of the strikes on he dummy - which is what we're taught *not* to do, since you will bleed out power. From the video, it also looks like he's not utilizing his body weight to do the po pai's - it's pure arm strength, which a guy of his size can get away with, but only for so long. Also find it strange to wear MMA gloves when doing the dummy... I personally like to condition my bare knuckles against the wood - but to each his own =)

Without a doubt, sheer size & strength would dominate most ppl in the ring, but on Wing Chun skill, I think it's either differences in lineage, or he still has a little ways to go.

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