Sunday, March 6, 2011

Old Training Partners

Last week i had the pleasure of working with an old kung fu brother of my ("Si-Hing"). This guy started his wing chun training many years before me, completing that system and then moving over to the "WT" system under my instructor.

He has continued his learning outside of the kung fu school over the last few years and has focussed on his own training, training with other students and teaching. Last week, he came back to class and it was awesome to cross hands with him again.

He threw me into the wall, destroyed my structure, made me really work, and it was all in good atmosphere and learning. Very talented guy, and good natured, but ridiculously well rooted and has amazing basics and stance.

These are the moments that freshen things up, that push you to your boundaries and, best of all, reveals gaps in your training that i could not see for myself.

Thanks Si-Hing.

until then.

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